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The 2015 Annual Summit

September 24-25, 2015

Sacramento, California

CSFC would like to thank our 2015 Summit Sponsor,

Designed Building Systems, Inc.

Thier Support Ensured the Summit was a success!



Day 1 General Session - Holiday Inn, Capitol Plaza

CSFC Members gathered at the Holiday Inn in Downtown Sacramento for an afternoon of discussions on the State School Bond Efforts, current Political Climate, Changing Role of COEs Under LCFF, and refining our CSFC goals and priorities for 2015-16.


Day 1 featured special guest Tony Russo, Russo Miller & Associates, who provided information on the current Statewide School Bond initiative, which has now qualified for the November 2016 ballot.


Networking Dinner - Hosted at Ten 22 in Old Sacramento

Attendees enjoyed an evening on the patio at Ten 22.




Day 2 at the Holiday Inn

CSFC Chair Lindsay Currier Introduces members of the Water Conservation and Efficiency Panel; Jessica Bean, California State Water Board, begins her presentation.


Deputy State Architect Bob Chase, AIA, speaks to the CSFC membership; Landscape Architect David Briley, Blair Church and Flynn Consulting Engineers, closes the Water Panel.


David Sapp, ACLU of Southern Califorina, provides information on Good Repair and the County Oversight Role; CSFC Executive Committee Member Steve Turner, Mendocino COE, presents a Water Conservation Case Study.


School Energy Coaltion Executive Director Anna Ferrera closed the Summit, providing an update on Propsition 39 and related energy issues.


The CSFC Executive Committee would like to thank all of our members for your dedication to this organization and all your hard work on behalf of COEs!

Jeff Becker, Fresno COE; Kathy Daniels, El Dorado COE; Steve Turner, Mendocino COE; Joshua Jorn, Monterey COE; Lindsay Currier, CSFC Chair, Riverside COE; Jema Estrella, Los Angeles COE; Rebekah Cearley, CSFC Legislative Advocate


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